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8 thoughts on “ Take A Piss - Agathocles - Stop Needless Noise (CDr) ”

  1. Oct 24,  · But for some, those dicks come with serious problems, so let’s take a look at all the types of difficult dicks together The Condition: Penile/Testicular Agenesis What It Looks Like: Penile agenesis is the absence of the shaft altogether, so it looks like a smooth bump with a .
  2. If you live in a neighborhood and your neighbors AC unit is on the ground, fill a gallon jug with your piss, let it sit in the sun for a few days so it really marinates, then, when he leaves for the day, pour it onto his AC unit. All that rancid urine will soak into his filters and his house will end up smelling like a truck stop port-a-john.
  3. to William Hippisley, Esq;. HOWEVER surprized you may be at this Dedication, the World would have been much more so, had I prefixed any other Name, than that of the Heir of the late Great Mr. Trenchard, who as he had appointed you the Successor to his Fortune, it would have been a Kind of Profanation to put his Works under any other Protection. That I have annexed the detached Pieces of his.
  4. You can't avoid the noises, but consider solutions. Noise machines for night time are great. So are ear plugs. Go to movies when they are not crowded and put things on seats next to you. Also, anti-anxiety medicines can help. They don't stop you from being noise sensitive, but they do help you feel less like exploding from the inside out.
  5. Jun 14,  · desperatley tryin' to piss off thy neighbours-VS-gleefully going out & getting pissed y'self. I prefer to achieve both goals by slapping one of the discs I cited above on the stereo, and putting it on perpetual re-play (for the neighbors' torment) and then going out to get drunk.
  6. Jun 01,  · At 6/1/07 PM, AtomikWarTerrorizor wrote: So, NG, I made my girlfriend drink my piss tonight. And I don't mean I pressured her into it. I'm sure you didn't. I've always had a piss fetish. I know I'm fucked up, but until this point in my life, it's always just been porn on my computer, tucked away in hidden folders that no one's ever found.
  7. http:bradilunwartechararisurlongticde.coinfo Tracks Exit 13 bradilunwartechararisurlongticde.coinfo d'Belgium 2. Black Weakeners 3. Hopped up! 4. Storm of stress 5. Societally provoked genocidal contemplation.
  8. Oct 06,  · word wankstain. If you want to piss a bigot off, just be truthful & call him a bigot, usually works. So, motherfucker, I guess you can piss off any race if you pick the right words, in Hawaii white are called haole. So, you proved my point, cuntface, it doesn't matter what color they are, they'll.

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